Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Hallowe'en from the Giourmies

Happy Hallowe'en from the Giourmies. I had a little fun with Animoto

This has got to be the easiest media to use to create a movie. First, you choose your background. Then,you simply have to load as many pictures as you want. Next, you add text if you like. Then, you can rearrange the pictures and text in the order you want them to appear. Finally, you add music from the library (you can add your own music but you must have permission to copyrighted material). Then, you simply push the "make the movie" button and Animoto does the rest, resulting in a professional looking product. You can create 30 second movies for free but for a small cost, you can increase the length of the movie and have access to more music and backgrounds. What a great product to use in the classroom instead of using the same old powerpoint again and again. I uploaded my photos to Flickr as Animoto easily uploads from Flickr directly or you can use pictures from your computer. I found it tricky to upload photos from Flickr so I used my computer. I still have not completely figured out Flickr so that is my goal to thoroughly understand this tool!!

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