Saturday, 29 October 2011

Playing with Pictures

I was reading one of the many blogs I have enjoyed following in the past week; Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog and reading in my new non-linear fashion, came across a link to a wiki he has set up to introduce 13 simple tools to alter digital images. It contains a wealth of ideas to use images for both students and teachers.
Here is the original picture of my grandson taken with my iPhone

Now here is Markos' picture using the free site, Picnik
It took me only minutes to do. What fun for students to try different applications to present their images as part of a larger presentation.

Now for something fun and completely different at ImageChef
And for one more. . . Big Huge Labs
My creation
(uploaded from Flickr, by the way. . . )
What fun for students. . . When you are working at creating a community, students could create their own motivational posters for the classroom or the school. Our school is a Leader in Me school and what a great idea to post posters around the school. Every student could create a poster that would contribute to our focus on Leader in Me. These are only a couple of tools demonstrated. One great site for image play is One of my teachers discovered this and created a "smilebox" with her students sharing their spooky ghost poem. Every student in this highly diverse classroom was excited to contribute and was proud of their contributions including our little student with virtually no English. It was a huge success.

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