Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What a great tool for the classroom!

I have to say I am impressed with Voicethread as a classroom tool but a bit frustrated with Flickr. I have read some great instructions in Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning by Pam Berger and Sally Trexler and thank goodness for their no-nonsense instructions. The Voicethread program is easy to use and would definitely be one I would try in the classroom to give our students another opportunity to share their knowledge; Particularly our students with special needs. I can envision all students posting pictures and talking about them and feeling so proud when their fellow students commented back on their pictures. What a great way for students to share their knowledge without having to do a lot of writing. This would be particularly engaging for students who are reluctant writers or who are shy to speak out in class. This definitely gives all students a "voice." I am excited to share this with my staff and I hope they take the time to use it as an option for demonstrating learning thus adding to multiple means of representation as part of Universal Design for Learning.
As for Flickr, I am still getting used to using pictures from the Creative Commons and figuring out how they should be organized in order to make it easy to upload the pictures on a Voicethread. I know I did it in a convoluted manner and it took me much longer than it would had I organized the photos in the correct folders to start. I know now that I must organize the pictures differently.

Please find attached the Voicethread I created after collecting just over a dozen opinions regarding inclusion at the Alberta Teachers' Association Special Education Conference October 2011. Granted the opinions in the Voicethread are those of Special Educators, but overall, I think that the tone is hopeful for inclusion to become an Albertan reality. (The sound on the Voicethread is quite quiet but I think it is because my microphone is not that great but it is what we have at school currently.)

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