Sunday, 23 October 2011

Who Even Cares?

Loneliness by Ү
Loneliness, a photo by Ү on Flickr.

Now that I have learned about VoiceThread and posted a couple on my blog, I am wondering what is the best way to share them? I mean, just because you create a VoiceThread that you think is important doesn't mean that someone will even comment on it. How do you get the conversation started? The VoiceThread I posted about assessment was part of an online "course" so I realize that many people likely signed up to be part of the conversation. As well, I can also see the value of creating one for a conversation in the classroom with students commenting on each other's creation. BUT, what about creating a VoiceThread about something that interests you. Who even cares? Do you send it to your colleagues, hoping that they might take the time to look at it and maybe comment? Do you "volun-tell" your family to take part in the conversation? Or does your VoiceThread go to the land of other created, but unappreciated VoiceThreads?
After much thought, I realize that you must make a VoiceThread with a purpose in mind or it may end up on the "cutting room floor" so to speak. I am wondering if this would be a useful platform to begin a discussion with teachers or are they simply too busy to take the time to comment. Perhaps the greatest use is in the classroom or on your classroom blog to allow others to comment (parents, relatives, friends, other teachers, and students).

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