Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Who Knew What You Could Do With VoiceThread?

When I sat down to take a look at what is being done in the classroom with VoiceThread in order to have "ammo" to convince my teachers how awesome this tool was, I was very surprised at all of the ways to use it. Angela Christopher describes the process she used in her kindergarten and grade one class; yes, you read correctly, children that young created a wonderful project using VoiceThread.
Thinking Machine shows a VoiceThread and describes 100, yes 100 ways to use VoiceThread in the classroom. One particularly interesting thought is to use VoiceThread in the Bilingual Language classroom. What a fantastic opportunity to practice using the target language in a second language classroom by creating an opportunity for conversation around an image. Penn State University posted 24 Ways to Use VoiceThread in the classroom.
from the Hortonville Area School District website

Bill Ferriter describes the use of VoiceThread in the classroom as a tool to banish timidity and to boost participation. Ferriter says
more students participate more actively in digital discussions than in the classroom. "You don't have to be the loud one or the popular one," he points out. When he asked his students about their online involvement, he said they cited the sense of safety: "They can think about their comments beforehand." They also liked the fact that any VoiceThread has multiple conversations going on at once. "In a classroom conversation, there's generally one strand of conversation going at any one time, and if you're bored by that particular strand, you're completely disengaged.

screen shot from my iPhone
On the blog, Successful Teaching, the writer makes the point that voices can capture emotion and feelings where the written word cannot. What an added value. You not only "read" the writer's voice, but you actually would hear the emotion.

Finally, I discovered the mobile app for iPhone.  It is brilliant.  I could watch my VoiceThread right on my phone AND I can even create a VoiceThread on my phone.  Everyday I am amazed at how I can use technology. 

My hope is that with all of this rationale to share with teachers, they will see the value of using VoiceThread in the classroom.

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