Monday, 24 October 2011

You Make a Difference!

Darren Kuropatwa writes on his blog, A Difference that teachers make the difference for students. He writes,
You matter because you can change the face of teaching and learning in your school. All you have to do is change the world - a little bit at a time.
No teacher before you has ever taught children quite the way you do. No one ever will again.
The world needs to know what you’re doing. How you go about sharing your passion, your excitement, your enthusiasm for learning with the students in your classroom every day.
You make a difference in the world in the way you do this.
What you want for your students is for them to excel beyond your own expertise in all they learn from you.
It’s the dream of every teacher: to have your students become more knowledgeable, more capable, more competent than you.
It’s a measure of success.
Essentially you share your spark with them.
What we most want is to pass on that spark, this other centred attitude, an attitude towards the world that says: You Matter!
Adopting the attitude: “You Matter”, making people other than ourselves important and finding ways to make them more awesome, in the end, makes each of us a little more awesome. It creates the change we need in the world.
Let's pass that on to our students so they know they matter and understand their job is to make everyone they meet a little more awesome. When they’ve internalized what they’ve learned from us and brought it to another level: that’s success.
No one will ever see the world through the eyes of our students again. No one ever has, throughout the entire history of humanity. They have a unique contribution to make. We help them understand this is also true for everyone they meet.
Imagine a Canada, a world, where every politician, every trades-person, every professional, every store clerk tackled the world in this way? They’re all sitting in your classroom. Learning from you. Teach us too. Share what you know. Share how you know. Share what you learn. We need you too. You matter.

Here's to the teachers who make a difference! You matter!

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