Sunday, 13 November 2011

Anna's First Birthday

Anna's first birthdayVia Flickr:What? You want to sit in my princess chair?

This is my beautiful granddaughter (the first girl!) on her first birthday. I had some fun with Flickr as I continue to learn about the capacity of this tool. The edits to the original photo were done through a connection with Piknik. This is just a sample of what is able to be done with a photo. You can do some pretty high level editing should you choose to. Of course, as with most Web 2.0 tools, this is the free version and much more is capable with the Premium version. After creating a fancy portrait, there are possibilities to order prints of your creation. As a matter of fact, I posted this blog entry directly from Flickr. That is a great option.
If you run your cursor over the picture, you can read the notes that I added to help me remember the perfect day. I learned how to do this by reading the Newbie's Guide to Flickr, a blog by CNet and written by Josh Lowensohn. He states The cool thing about notes is they don't get in the way if viewers don't want them. To see them, users can just move their cursor over a picture to pull them up. You can have several different notes on the same picture, and other users can add notes to your pictures. Good note etiquette: keep notes easy to see and use by not overlapping them.
I can see this as another way to get students writing about an image presented. You could share a photo in and have students upload the picture to a common Flickr account and have students comment on what they notice in a picture. This would be a great tool in art when you are studying specific strands of art. Again, students with special needs may feel more comfortable using the computer to comment rather than commenting in the whole class setting.
I know I will continue to play with Flickr as I discover all of the possibilities. My next foray into Web 2.0 will be to try a mashup or a Glogster. I was introduced to Glogster at a PD day last week and have read about a mashup. That will be next using Flickr. Interesting, isn't it, how you learn one thing that leads you to another thing and then another thing. . .

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