Friday, 11 November 2011

More Learning about Podcasts

After completing my first podcast, I have had several discussions with teachers about where we could go with this tool. Allendale Junior High school teachers use podcasts to give students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning and teachers post student podcasts on their school website a) because they are proud of their students' work and b)because other students can use this information as a study aid in subsequent years. Our grade 6 teachers are looking at some of these podcasts that contain information regarding topics being studied in grade 6 (ie. democracy).
I am learning that there are great possibilities for podcasts, however, it will take time (and that is always the problem for teachers) for teachers to learn how to use this tool and decide where to implement it. At this point I ask that each teacher finds a tool that they would feel comfortable with and use it regularly to learn its value and place in the classroom.

I am still a beginner in this area but I am an advocate for its use and possibilites. I found yet another site that offers a great deal of information on podcasts that I will share with teachers at tf video. I still find it hard to listen to a podcast from start to end as this is not my learning style. However, I know there are many auditory learners in schools who would benefit. My goal, therefore, will be to promote this tool as another alternative for assessment in the k-6 classroom and secondly, I hope to add a button to our school website to share student learning with a wider audience.

Here is a great example of using podcasts in a classroom setting. These are short clips of students' favorite parts of Daily 5 in their classroom. Certainly, gives you a sense of what they are thinking and helps the teacher understand more about how they learn.

My next big step will be to play with video podcasts or vodcasts for the classroom.

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