Monday, 2 April 2012

Do you ever just feel like giving up?

There are days I wonder why I keep promoting inclusion in my school. I wonder if we will ever "get there." I wonder if we are doing the right things for our students. I wonder if parents see all that we are trying to do. I just feel tired. BUT then I see a video like this and realize that I should not give up. I should continue to do what I know is best for all students. I should continue to promote the use of tools that are not "cheating" but simply tools to offer success. I should continue to promote the reality that all students should have the right to attend their community school if that is their choice. I should continue to demand that we work our hardest to meet the needs of all students.
Enjoy the following video that will inspire you to keep going even when it hurts. . .


  1. Brenda - just found your blog, and I think it is wonderful! Don't give up!

    I am SO pleased to see an administrator thinking, writing, and living in these ways. I look forward to learning from you! Best, Jennifer

  2. I, too, just found your blog, thanks to Paula Kluth! It's so refreshing to read a blog written by a school administrator--when, as a parent of 2 children with ASD, and as a special education teacher, I've rarely interacted with admins who think like we do!

    Thanks for being on the side of those students who need extra support!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Hi there, I am excited that anyone would find this blog and read it. Sometimes I feel like I am just rambling on, but I truly believe our students with special needs deserve to be in our community schools where they can learn with their peers. I am excited to say that slowly but surely we are seeing a culture change in our school.