Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I know that sometimes it is hard to stay motivated when trying to create the "perfect" inclusive class. you come up against roadblocks either from the "system" or trying to meet all needs. You get tired. . . You get pushback from colleagues. Parents make demands of your time. After all, we are only human in this journey toward excellence for all. Well, I came across the video in my Twitter reading. What a way to define yourself as a teacher and to meet each day. I love the final question: Was I better today than I was yesterday? Daniel Pink's book, "Drive" is one that I haven't read yet but is on my summer reading list. Anyone have any thoughts about the book?


  1. This book is also on my list of "to read" I've been hearing a lot about it. Several people are referencing it in many of the blog posts I've read. Hopefully, you'll be writing about your thoughts as you read it.

    Glad I found this again Brenda.

  2. Hi April, I just have to make the time to keep writing. AFter this crazy month, I hope to find more time.