Thursday, 25 October 2012

Is Equitable Education Life or Death?

I am at a principal retreat and the question has been asked "How many of you think of education as a life or death situation?"  Hmmm. I sit and think, is that so?  After careful consideration these are my thoughts. . .
When you think about it, if a student does not graduate from high school, that student is subjected to a poorer paying job, no possibility of post secondary education, and likely a less fulfilling life.
As teachers, we must realize it is our moral imperative to ensure each and every student, regardless of ability, has access to the best education possible.
I mean, what teacher would say that they disagree with that? No one would stand up in a staff meeting and say, " too bad, I don't have time to make sure little Johnny gets more.  He should suffer for the rest of his adult life."
Yet, we continue to teach to the middle and hand out worksheet after disengaging worksheet. We fail to offer new ways to explain because "I already explained it three times. I can't help it that he doesn't get it!"
When will the scales of status quo drop off our eyes and we realize it is our moral imperative to do the best for all students regardless of ability? When will we meet the needs of the future generation who will be in charge of taking care of us in our old age? When will we see education as the life and death situation it is? It is then and only then our under served students will begin to blossom. 

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