Saturday, 10 November 2012

Is this sustainable?

So I was down with the flu suddenly on Thursday night, meaning I could not be a school for a critical team meeting for one of my students.  I called the inclusive team to let them know I could not be at school.  The teacher knew I would not be able to stand in for her as earlier planned.  So I worried how the meeting would go down. . .

Why did I worry??? Everything went well. Why? Because we have established a home-school TEAM. We have worked for the last two years to create a space for parents, teachers and therapists to work together to create a learning environment for this youngster (who, by the way, is blossoming. . . ).  I know that in order to have an inclusive culture in a school, it can't all be about me "doing" inclusion.  It has to be about a team willing to work with parents and therapists to create the ideal learning environment for all students. We are getting there. . .

On Monday we embark on a new section of our journey. . . we are all presenting our PD day.  We are looking at the book, "Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age" by David Rose and Anne Meyer.  Rather than me presenting the book, teachers will present a chapter in partners or on their own.  In the spirit of Universal Design for Learning, the book is presented in three formats: summary, shortened with many links or the full chapter.  It was interesting to note that some teachers needed the actual book to read to meet their needs (that is a note to remember for the PD day to remind us about multiple representations). 
I am excited that we will all be in charge of our learning regarding inclusion.  Since this has been such scary territory for our teachers, I am hoping that by learning together, we will come to a deeper understanding of true inclusion and why it is important to become an inclusive school that welcomes all students to learn.  After all, the expectation was there that I should provide them with the means that they needed in order to learn! More about the PD day next post.

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