Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lacrosse Fun

Last week, my son, Simon who plays with the Edmonton Rush Lacrosse team, came out on behalf of the team to demonstrate a bit about Canada's summer national sport.  Because this sport is fairly new to most students in the school, it was a great equalizer.  Everyone was learning something new.  It was fun to watch everyone struggling at first (not fun, in the sense of laughing at inability, but fun that everyone was at the same starting point).  Everyone was learning how to trap and scoop the ball first of all.  It wasn't all that easy but I loved seeing students show off a new skill.  And my little grade one guy??? He was awesome at it.  Another reason for his classmates to see his abilities and look past his disabilities.  He could trap and scoop with ease.  He could throw the ball and had a blast shooting at Simon in the net. That is Noah in the picture.  Note his perfect form to shoot and blurred stick as he takes a "hot" shot on the goalie.  Our amazing guy waited patiently in line to take a shot, took the shot with pretty good accuracy and then lined up again to take another shot.  Of course, he surprised us all BUT should we be surprised?  Not really.  Everyday he shows us more and more of his abilities.  During a home visit Tuesday, he said to me, with signs and sounds, "Noah wants ball."  So we played catch.  He said my name: Ba Da and brought tears to my eyes.  He continues to take us on a journey of learning; both his learning and our learning.





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