Thursday, 11 April 2013

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

My little grade one guy got a birthday invite. Yes, a real, live birthday invitation from one of his classmates!  I didn't tell the boy he had to invite everyone, in fact, he may not have invited everyone, but he did invite Noah. It is interesting that this invite should be a big deal, I mean, grade one kids go to birthdays all the time, but our community is hesitant to let others in who are different and my guy is different for sure.  Oh, and by the way, he has not been wearing diapers since last Thursday. So many great milestones that my head is spinning.  What is next?  What is in store for this amazing little person?  I can only imagine. . . I get all choked up when I think of the possibilities for him and for our school community.  We are on the edge of something big. . .  a change for the better. . .  a change where as one student said the other day when we were talking about the challenges another student has and how we can help him, "Different is normal, Mrs. G.  We are all different somehow." And that is becoming okay here.  I get all choked up when I hear students caring for others and when the grownups start to feel the change too.  Indeed, it is a good day.

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