Friday, 14 June 2013

Change of plans?

This promises to be an tough, if not interesting year in school. We had a difficult conversation yesterday about how we would meet a need for a 30 minute prep during our staff meeting. We talked about the possibility of genius hour  next year. Some teachers were excited about the prospect and another was really finding it hard to let go of the fact that this 30 minutes was covered by a teacher who gave a fitness session. She was feeling upset that we have always honoured fitness time to encourage students to work out. This was my response:

Thank you to Kendra for offering to take on fitness setup as a leadership opportunity for her class.  This sounds like a great way to keep doing something we all love. I realize that Fitness has been done a certain way for the past years, but the “times, they are a-changin’”.  You might liken it to your favorite lobster dinner that you have had every Friday night for the past many weeks and thenyou find out money is tight and times are hard.  The funds just aren’t there so you still want to keep your tradition but you can only afford to buy a bag of little shrimp.  Still nutricious, still delicious but far from the lobster you are used to.  We have been fortunate for the past years to have a person who took care of one of your phys ed times and devoted it to fitness.  As elementary teachers, we are expected to be able to lead this same level of class.  We just may have to do it differently.  So rather than have a lead teacher to teach it, we will be teaching it ourselves.  We still get the benefit of the workout, our kids are still being taught and encouraged to stay fit for life through not only this day of fitness, but the daily approach to physical activity we pride ourselves on. I know that through your creative thinking, you will make this the best it can be for our students.  

Sometimes we have to think about how we can meet the needs of students with just the basics and this is one of those times.  And having said that, I know teachers are looking t a creative way to incorporate fitness class weekly AND introduce genius hour. Aren't our students fortunate?

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