Thursday, 13 June 2013

What is in a smile?

What a smile!  That is my oldest grandson, Conner.  He smiles because he was getting his picture taken.  He smiles when he is proud of himself.  He smiles when he has his favorite slurpie.  He just smiles whenever. . .
We have a little student who is vision impaired in grade 4.  The educational assistant came to tell me a success story from the other day.  Her proud teachable moment was to teach this little gal to smile.  Before now, whenever she did her best smile that always seemed like a grimace.  Her classmates were not always sure she was happy or not.  They would ask if she was okay and then she would be confused about that.
But they practiced how your face feels when she smiles.  Now, if she smiles at her classmates, they know for sure she is happy.  AND she was happy that they knew and didn't ask if she was okay.

Is this a big deal?  I would never have thought about that.  Was it something that should be on an IPP?  Probably not.  But has it made a difference to this little one?  Yup. 

And she makes me smile in all the distance she has come since grade 1.  This is one confident young lady growing up before our eyes!

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