Sunday, 24 November 2013

Why School? #SAVMP

I watched this Ted Talk by Seth Godin last year and it piqued my interest greatly.  I have often sat back as a classroom teacher and wondered, "What is the point of everything I am doing?  Why do we have school? Why do we do the things we do?"  As many a night went by and I marked countless papers and added countless grades to some computer program, I asked those questions. I still find that question flitting through my brain - "What is the point of all this? and How could things be different for children?"

Last year, I raised the question with staff after referring to the video in my weekly memo.  I suggested that we do a mini book study from the transcript of the video.  That was toward the end of the school year and we never did get to that study as I moved to a new position.  But what a great way to start the school year.  You could promote such rich discussion by watching this with staff.  We did have discussion about the reason for some of our practices at school; the factory model to prepare children to be obedient factory workers, the need for bells to remind us of when our breaks would be on the job, etc.  I think it made some of the staff sit back and think about the "whys" of what we have always done.  Did it change the way things were done?  Not yet, but the seeds were planted.

This year my team has a different mandate: to support students with exceptional needs in inclusive or congregated environments.  I am wondering how we could use this same video to promote discussion in our platform?  I wonder where the discussion would go from their point of view?  I will add it to my weekly memo as a video of interest and see where the discussion travels. . .

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