Sunday, 2 March 2014

Differentiation for Staff #SAVMP

It has been a while that I have really thought about SAVMP. Sitting down while watching the Oscars, I was inspired to thinking about how hard people work at their craft in their own way to create a film that we can be inspired by, or challenged by.  They are allowed to bring their own personality to the table and add their "flair" to the role they take on.

In our work, we are expected to find ways to engage our students, to meet their needs and to ensure their success.  Do we allow our staff to find their way?  Do we let them use their strengths? Or do we impose the "rules" or our way to get things done?  I am sitting here thinking that maybe sometimes we need to fit into a program that is good or I feel is right for students.  I pride myself in thinking that I have the students' best interest at heart.  However, I feel somewhat conflicted that I have expectations for staff, but I want the best for students.  Can the two coincide?  Can I differentiate AND expect the best for students?

If we expect quality teaching, we will get what is best for students.  We can make space for teachers to express their strengths and bring their own personality to the craft and to their role as teacher, all the way making sure they are doing what is best for students.  This must be the bottom line - student success must be at the forefront of all we do in the classroom, in the school, in our community.

In thinking about this, I can see that as a leader, I still need to have high expectations for staff, but I need to let them bring their personality and strengths to the table.  Together, we can do the most important task - ensure our students are successful in their own way.  By differentiating for staff, we can expect staff will differentiate for students.

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