Friday, 12 December 2014

Sad Week and One Happier Note

This has been a tough week for our consulting staff as two young people we have been working with passed away suddenly.  We understand the fragile nature of our young students but we have been delighted in their recent progress and their wonderful personalities.  However, our hearts are breaking for their loss and for their families, as we can't even fully imagine their pain and loss.  We are reminded to hold our loved ones close for we do not know the future.  These young men will leave an imprint on our hearts as we continue to work with their classmates.  Should you feel so inclined to donate on their behalf, please donate to the Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta.

On a happy note, we received an email regarding a high school student in one of our ISP (Individual support classrooms).  Her mother reported that this gal had two favorite toys at home that she played with exclusively.  While the family read to her regularly, she did not really show any interest.  Last week, her mom reported that on her own, this gal picked up and book and read it without prompting or suggestion by mom.  Her mom was ecstatic! And so were we when we heard the news.  This is after only 3 months of a literacy program.  Imagine the possibilities for students who have regular literacy learning every day of their entire school career.  It boggles my mind what the difference could be!

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